Re: (Dis)Connection

“In looking through old papers and chatting with people who were active in the anarchist movement in the eighties, this has been done before.  There was a network.  There was a paper/newsletter, Mayday, that rotated among affinity groups and served as a clearinghouse/bulletin board for the movement.  The focal point for the participants was the initially fairly large, continental anarchist gatherings.  The first, Haymarket Remembered…”

Excerpt from: Survival gathering : an anarchist unconvention, Toronto, July 1-4, 1988

‘Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm has been set aside for networking in the open-air setting of High Park. The “schedule” will allow time for all components of the schedule proposed in MAYDAY (evaluation of MAYDAY, Network organization and process, Joint Network Actions/Projects, organizing a date for the next network meeting) and proposals for the 1989 Gathering, with a good amount of time set aside for affinity group networking to occur (prisoner support, anarchist media network, etc.) as well as providing opportunity for people to network by region, for those who wish to do so. The agenda will be scheduled roughly as proposed by those who Gathered in Atlanta,and reported through MAYDAY, but all affinity group discussion will be organized spontaneously, according to need/ desire, within the remainder of the scheduled time (to 3pm) and may well continue throughout the day if desired.’

and later:

“Those people on the survival gathering address list may also be receiving the publication Mayday (a forum for more effective network-ing within the anarchist movement). Mayday has been compiling the network mailing list, which is published in Mayday each time it becomes updated.”

Survival gathering : the 1988 anarchist unconvention

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